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Hanoi: The best street pho I ever did eat

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. When in a new place and looking for an ideal dinner location, do as the locals do. Such was the case back when the Humanity Unscripted team was in Hanoi and found a little sidewalk hub serving up some fabulous pho bo (beef soup).

These delightful little corners don’t always have drinks available but don’t fret, dear traveller, as the gracious staff will just run to the nearest shop and grab some beverages for you.

I must say I’ve become very accustomed to the tiny tables strewn about at “restaurants” like these. One guide of ours said the tiny furniture is used in the event the local police show up allowing staff to quickly stack up tables and chairs, shrug their shoulders and say, “what restaurant?”.

As for the pho itself, and coming from an Albertan girl, the beef is the best I’ve tasted since we began travelling and even rivals a lot of the beef dishes I can get back home. The broth was melt in your mouth and not at all oily and the noodles to veggie ratio was totally on par.

I’d love to tell you where this little spot is in the event you’re ever in Hanoi looking for some awesome pho but I’m afraid I haven’t an actual address. The best I can tell you, is if you’re staying at the Hanoi Backpackers Downtown location, look for the street with all the New Years decorations and the maternity store, it should be there somewhere!