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That Schnitzel Place: Big, hot and juicy


There was a time when the only schnitzel in my life was Sunday family dinners when my brother-in-law’s parents would challenge me into eating double-digit numbers of the little pork cutlets on a regular basis. Since then, there has been a long schnitzel void in my life - one that was recently filled with the discovery of That Schnitzel Place in downtown Calgary. Offering a round-the-world tour of schnitzel ( I prefer Italy or Hungary) sandwiches (pork, beef, chicken or mushroom), TSP is another welcome addition to Calgary’s cheap eats scene. The wait can be a tad long for those in a hurry on their lunch hour, but the delay is soon forgotten once you see the girth of your purchase. Also: BEER!

Le Dolce Vita with Pork. Yum! Photo by Kelsey Hipkin


Walking into TSP, one is greeted by a warm ambiance of reds and golds supported by large photos of cheery, Volkswagen driving schnitzel lovers and the smell of trans-fat free fried schnitzel goodness. As Cody mentioned, there is a bit of a wait but it’s well worth it. TSP offers up fare “made the traditional way” states the website, dipped in breadcrumbs and egg wash and pan fried in trans-fat free oil then served on a sourdough kaiser. We’ve been twice now and have sampled Olga’s Original with Hungarian tomato sauce, Havarti cheese, sauteed mushrooms, onions, red peppers and Hungarian-style cabbage: La Dolce Vita with spicy Italian tomato sauce, provolone, caramelized red onions, sauteed red and green peppers topped with arugula: The Parthenon with fresh parsley lemon caper pesto, goat cheese, caramelized red onions, sauteed red and green peppers and fresh arugula and The Chuckwagon with chipotle gravy, carrots, celery, potatoes and fresh pea sprouts. Olga’s Original with pork earned our vote for favourite sandwich while I also give major kudos to The Parthenon. The sandwiches (each roughly the size of my head for $9.75) are indeed big, hot and juicy (as the site proclaims proudly) and leave you wanting more. If a sandwich roughly the size of my head still leaves you feeling a little hungry, TSP also serves up hot soups, salads and sides. Oh, and as my cohort pointed out, BEER! (And other beverages.)

The Chuckwagon: like Thanksgiving dinner on a bun. Photo by Kelsey Hipkin

821 - 4th Ave. SW

403 - 452-3737

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