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Shibuya! Bless you.

Kelsey: I feel comfortable enough with all of you to tell you a little secret.

I have a sushi problem.

Sushi isn’t an everyday kind of dish, but something like an every now and then kind of treat (except for that time I ate sushi three out of five days: it was a bit of an overload). And while there are more sushi restaurants in Calgary than you can shake a cone at, my favourite is Shibuya on 16th Ave.

With it’s modern decor and R&B pumping from the stereo, Shibuya can be a rockin’ place, but it’s the sushi that takes the cake for this girl.

We started with some fresh oysters … I love oyster night!

Tastes like the ocean! Photo by Kelsey Hipkin

And followed up with what I like to call the best damn sushi roll in the city — in my humble opinion — the Spicy Tuna! (Pictured with another fan favourite, the Dynamite.)

Hello Spicy Tuna, will you marry me? Dynamite, you’re alright too. Photo by Kelsey Hipkin

One of the best things about Shibuya is the presentation. When the sushi arrives, it’s always immaculately placed on your plate and I love the addition of the pine stems. We also indulged in some tempura — the batter has nice crunch but is a little heavy —edamame and some lovely fresh salmon and tuna sashimi.

A symphony of sashimi. Photo by Kelsey Hipkin

We enjoyed our sushi with a little red wine, spiced rum and Japanese vodka so the bill for three of us (I was hungry and went back for seconds in the form of some more spicy tuna and avacado maki) was around $80. A bit of an indulgence, but well worth it.

Shibuya Izakaya

453 16th Ave. NE


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