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We wish you a merry Spicy Hut


Spicy Hut isn’t the sort of place you’d want to head to on a first date.

Unglamorous to say the least, the restaurant at the bottom of Edmonton Trail isn’t the sort of place you stumble upon in search of a good meal. However, for those in the know, Spicy Hut offers some of the best bang-for-your-buck cuisine in the city. Although claiming to serve “Peking and Thai” cuisine, the fare also wanders well into classic North American take-out Chinese as well, providing a ton of options. With 87 items on the menu, most capable of filling (at least) two hungry people, Spicy Hut is a cheap foodie’s dream come true. While I’ve sampled a good chunk of the menu, and endured the odd ill-advised adventurous dish, I tend to stick with the curries, along with the crispy fried chicken (which is not to be confused with the ginger chicken, as I recently did to much despair).

Tempura action! Photo by Kelsey Hipkin

Spicy Hut is open late and offers take out, and for $50 you should be able to feed as many people as you can fit in your apartment.


When Cody first told me about The Spicy Hut, I imagined something like Indian or Morroccan fare, but alas, to my albeit pleasant surprise, The Spicy Hut serves up some damn fine Chinese food.

What’s your beef? Photo by Kelsey Hipkin

Feeling quite ladylike for the holidays I shared a half-litre of Sauvingon Blanc with Nicolle (our dinner date for the evening); not a traditional match-up with Chinese food but I thought it complimented quite nicely.

We started off with some vegetable tempura that was a little over-crispy with a batter a bit heavier than Japanese tempura but still tasty nonetheless, especially considering it included baby corn, my personal tempura favourite.

After that came the ginger chicken (which is still quite tasty despite not being Cody’s preferred crispy fried chicken), beef with green pepper and onion in black bean sauce and the Mu-Hsu vegetables served with Peking style pancakes and chicken.

Do try the Peking style pancakes! Photo by Kelsey Hipkin

The ginger chicken was pretty crunchy but satisfying with a nice sweet and spicy mix, the beef dish was amazing with just the right amount of peppery goodness and the pancakes were awesometown, kind of like build-it-yourself Chinese burritos.

Service was prompt and our water glasses were filled at every opportunity with a very polite “please?” each time.

Spicy Hut

203 Fourth Street NE


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