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Janice Beaton Fine Cheese? Yes please.

Why hello! My name’s Janice, come on in! Photo by Kelsey Hipkin


As a man, I’m quite familiar with grilled cheese sandwiches.

A staple of the “I don’t really feel like making any actual food’ diet, much for the of the attraction comes in the grilled cheese sandwiches ease of preparation.

But what if you want to take things up a notch?

A no-brainer for a shop that offers enough cheese to kill those intolerant of all things lactose, Janice Beaton Fine Cheese serves up some of the fanciest grilled sandwiches in town. With a rotation of upscale offerings, including Maple Pepper Ham, Gruyere, Mayonnaise, Brassica Rocky Mustar and Oka Classique, Three Year Cheddar and Tomato Chili Jam (along with the Whim of the Day), these are hardly the processed cheese slice jobs you grew up mowing down.

Personally, I prefer the ultra-creamy Oka Cheese (of the Farm sandwich) combined with the sweet tomato jam, although I always seem to forget and order the other one (theHam and Cheese Please). The Farm is as good of a sandwich as you’re going to find for $7. You even get a nice little side along with your sandwich.

Does anyone want to go get me one?


Nestled facing Sixteenth Avenue (located in the back of FARM restaurant, which faces Seventeenth Avenue), Janice Beaton’s, Grilled Cheese Bar is a lovely little joint that feels almost too affluent for the average bear. Clean lines, earthy tones and an absoulutely amazing assortment of fromage has one’s mouth watering even before they settle on their grilled cheese of choice.

I went for the Farm sandwich but Cody and I ended up playing sharesies with that and the Ham and Cheese Please sandwich. I agree with my foodie ‘brother from another mother’ that the Farm sandwich surpassed the ham and cheese in taste. But honestly people, how can you say no to any sandwich with ooey, gooey cheese and other tasty ingredients?

Biting into the Farm’s perfect crunch of the toast, mingling with the beautifully melted cheese and hint of sweetness from the tomato jam was quite blissful. That, combined with the bar-style seating with a view of the almost medieval looking Grace Presbyterian Church across the street, gives one the sense they’re in a European diner, not Calgary’s trendy Uptown Seventeenth district.

Gooey-ness, cheesy supreme. Photo by Kelsey Hipkin

Janice Beaton Fine Cheese

1017 16th Ave. SW


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