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Red’s Diner: Decent, but not worth the wait


Foodies are an adventurous people; we love trying new things. Granted, we do have our favourite go-to spots (hello Ship and Anchor, hello Keith’s Deli and countless others) but it’s always nice to expand your foodie horizons and try something new.

Yesterday my BFF Katie and I foregoed my usual brunch favourites Diner Deluxe, Overeasy (read more about it here) and the Ship to try out Red’s Diner on Fourth Street in the Beltline District.

Like most popular brunch spots, Red’s Diner is the kind of joint that is lined up on the weekend no matter what time you try and time your arrival. We got there just after 10:30 and lucked out in that we only had to wait less than ten minutes.

Red’s has a modern look and clean lines that make it feel a bit more bistro than diner but they have lovely whimsical coffee cups and offer up Cheese Whiz with the jams, which in my mind, is a big deal.

Adorable. Photo by Kelsey Hipkin

Our waitress was prompt and very friendly and the two-page menu - a combo of lunch and brunch options - was easy to read and had a decent selection.

Katie went with the 4th Street benedict, a traditional benedict with spinach, artichoke and tomatoes for $9.89.

4th Steet eggs benedict. Photo by Kelsey Hipkin

I went with the Prairie Breakfast Plate (12.79) which comes with two eggs, homemade potato cheddar perogies, Rocky’s Kielbasa, sour cream and potatoes. The perogies were nice while a little on the small side and I had half a sausage halved, which was a bummer, but on the whole it was a filling meal.

Cue potato rant: I don’t know why it’s hard to find decent breakfast potatoes in a restaurant. Breakfast potatoes seem to either be really great … or not. Unfortunately Red’s was the latter, the potatoes weren’t crispy whatsoever and weren’t really cooked through either so that was pretty disappointing.

Prairie Breakfast Plate. Photo by Kelsey Hipkin

Katie called Red’s “decent” and said the food was okay but the diner wasn’t a place she’d make the effort to go to again. Red’s definitely has a great look; and will still line up every weekend descended upon by the Calgary brunch crowd, but i’m going to expand my foodie horizons elsewhere for now.

P.S Medium orange juice $3.79.

Red’s Diner

1415 Fourth Street S.W.


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