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Chicken on the Way: Deep-fried Valentine’s Day love fest


It’s Valentines Day. What better way to celebrate than with a little Chicken on the Way love?¬†

It was totally on my way! Photos by Kelsey Hipkin

Chicken on the Way in Kensington has been satisfying ‘deep-fried chicken and other things’ cravings since Aug. 29, 1958 (read the historic details courtesy of FFWD Weekly here.) Now, I don’t know where my love affair with deep-fried started but I imagine it had something to do with my Gramsie’s fried-chicken. Bless my sainted eyes do I love fried-chicken. All that greasy, crispy goodness on the outside and that hot, steamy chicken meat on the inside makes me giggle with excitement.

*Note: Granted I’m quite particular about my fried chicken and haven’t eaten KFC since God was a child.

I’d heard of Chicken on the Way, and driven past it more times than I could count, but I’ve never actually stopped by. Considering it’s Valentine’s Day and Cody and I were in the area and it was where my Grandparents went on their first date (sentimentality points), I decided to pick up some goodies for lunch.

Having already snacked upon half a Peppino’s sandwich (I was hungry), I ordered a thigh, a drum and three corn fritters. Imagine my delight when I opened my lovely foil sack to discover I was given two drums, perhaps on account they were a bit on the small side.

Nothing says ‘I love you’ like fried chicken in a foil bag.

While potentially a bit greasy for some, I thought the chicken was fan-freaking-tastic! Then… I bit into the corn fritter. There’s something about a combination of corn and fritter that makes the heavens open up and the angels sing (gimme a break it’s a romantic holiday), Chicken on the Way makes some darn good fritters folks!

Hello beautiful: A magical blend of corn and fritter.

So next time you’re headed anywhere near Kensington or 14th Street, stop in, after all, it is on the way!

Chicken on the Way

1443 Kensington Road N.W.


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