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Empanada’s Anyone?

We went to Empanada Queen! Photos by Kelsey Hipkin


The best thing about Empanada Queen in Marlborough is the salsa. That’s right, the salsa. As our very friendly server informed us, Empanada Queen’s salsa took second place in the Sun and Salsa Fest last year. I’ll be looking for it again this year, it was fresh with great flavour and consistency.

As for the empanada’s ($4-$4.50): I’m pretty sure this was my first empanada and it was a decent experience. I wasn’t super stoked about the dough, there seemed to be too much of it and it was just too, doughy. The filling (we tried spicy chicken and spicy beef) was pretty tasty but not something I can’t live without.

If I’m ever back in the area I think I’ll try one of the other Chilean dishes, like the barros lucos (tender sirloin, mozza and mayo, $6.50).


Normally I’m of the opinion that you can’t really go wrong with ethnic food served out of dingy stripmalls. Unfortunately, Empanada Queen is the exception to the rule.

I don’t know, maybe I just don’t like empanadas. Perhaps I’ll have to try another empanada place, as I don’t have what you’d call extensive experience with empanadas.

Empanada Queen

#4 4100 Marlborough Drive NE


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