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Beef! From a shack!


What’s in a name?

In the case of the Cowtown Beef Shack, the name about says it all. Located in an otherwise unassuming parking lot along picturesque Macleod Trail, Cowtown Beef Shack is exactly that – a tiny shack specializing in some rather tasty beef and bread concoctions.

Offering a bigger, better and beefier version of the BBQ Beef made famous at the Calgary Stampede, along with beef dip, cheesesteak, beef & cheddar and pulled pork sandwiches for $8, the shack is a far better lunchtime option than other chains in the area.

The always friendly staff are always happy to overload my sandwiches with copious horseradish, and the lack of atmosphere and seating (one picnic table) is made up for by quality ingredients.

Beefy, cheesy goodness. Photo by Kelsey Hipkin


Meat on the go? Sign me up!

As Cody mentioned, the Cowtown Beef Shack is conveniently located on Macleod Trail making it very handy for some drive-by beefing.

Stuffed in his little shack of beef love, the beef master was very friendly and chatty as he slathered the cheese on our sandwich. Rather than throw a couple slices of cheddar on a bun with your beef, the Beef Shack cheese is a creamy, warm and extremely tasty concoction that I could probably eat bowl upon bowl of all by its onesies. Paired with tender beefy, beef, the two make a winning combination.

While the general idea of the place is to drive through, get your beef and be on your way, that aforementioned picnic table would be a lovely place to enjoy a sandwich on a warm spring day.

P.S - They have a lovely website.

Cowtown Beef Shack

5250 Macleod Trail South

403- 281-8191

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