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Dinner at the Rose and Crown


Calgary’s Seventeenth Avenue is a happening place.

If you don’t get a seat early enough at some of the establishments (especially on the weekend), you’re SOL (unless you want to be one of those table creepers who jumps on a table as soon as its former occupants leave). The nice thing about the Rose and Crown however, is that it is ginormous with tons of seating. Not to say it doesn’t fill up fast either, but it does have two floors to choose from and rocks a lovely British pub look.

Veggie Cheddar Burger, Stuffed Baby Yorkies and Tankhouse Fish n’ Chips.

I met up with some of my lovely lady friends for a bit to eat and a beverage or two. I’d already had myself a half-order of nachos at the Ship and Anchor so didn’t want a full meal. I went with the Stuffed Baby Yorkies ($10.75). I do love me some good Yorkshire Pudding and the Rose and Crown’s take was decent with a lovely dollop of horse radish, though the Yorkies didn’t have a lot of crunch and I wouldn’t exactly call them “stuffed” with roast beef.

One of my dinner counterparts — being of the vegetarian sort — went with the Veggie Cheddar Burger ($12.95). She said “the best part was that it was cooked on a real grill, I could taste the flames.” She was however, a tad disappointed her burger was sans pickles, a contradiction with the menu.

Dinner counterpart number two went with probably the most infamous of all pub foods the fish and chips or as the Rose and Crown has dubbed them, the Tankhouse Fish n’ Chips ($14.95). She wasn’t super stoked about the chips stating they were “tough and kind of cold” but the “fish was pretty good, very filling.”

While the Rose and Crown pub food is just that, pub food, it’s definitely worth a stop for the British atmosphere and 29 different beers available on tap.

Rose and Crown

1503 Fourth Street SW


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