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Mighty Mighty Skillet Food Truck


Truth be told, I’m not quite as enamoured with the whole food truck phenomenom as everyone else seems to be. From my prior experience, many of the trucks (which have taken over from Vietnamese eateries as Calgary’s latest culinary craze) don’t seem to get that it’s supposed to be cheap. After all, you’re buying food from a truck.

Luckily, the people at Mighty Skillet appear to get it. Venturing out with the wife on a rather glorious Sunday morning, we were contemplating our breakfast options when, as if on cue, The Mighty Skillet truck appeared. 

And then there was the Mighty Skillet. Photos by Cody Stuart

Parked alongside Central Memorial Park (quite possibly one of the best possible places to enjoy an impromptu bite to eat) we were fortunate to beat the hordes that seem to, for better or worse, go hand-in-hand with Calgary’s food trucks.

Offering several solid greasy spoon selections (a compliment, not a complaint) at prices that are vastly better ($5-$8) than some of the other mobile eateries in town, The Mighty Skillet is actually deserving of the hype that surrounds Calgary’s booming food truck scene.

Brownie points for clever names!

I chose The Colossus, an onion, cheese, tomato and bacon omelette sandwiched between two slices of French Toast and served with a side of maple syrup.

The Colossus in all its glory.

And since I can’t hope to write anything that sounds better than that, I’ll just end this review right now.

The Mighty Skillet Brunch Truck

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