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Globefish Chinook Centre: Not my favourite sushi joint


Walking into a place that’s super busy is usually an indicator that you’re about to have a great meal.

Sometimes however, that is not always the case, as with Globefish Chinook Centre. Maybe I’ve become a sushi snob, maybe my tastebuds were having a bad day, but while Globefish wasn’t great, it also wasn’t my favourite.

The sushi joint definitely gets points for presentation, very artistic and effective. I was dining with two friends and all their rolls came before mine so of course I sampled some of theirs. The Dragon Roll ($15.95) with avocado, prawn tempura, tobiko and cucumber was quite pleasant and the Sushi Pizza with baked rice pizza squares, avocado, scallops, salmon and tobiko ($12.95) was as well.

Dragon Roll, Sushi Pizza, Toro and Red Tuna. Photos by Kelsey Hipkin

I like to balance my sushi with a little tempura love. The Globefish version of the veggie platter ($7.95) had the usual suspects of zucchini, yam, peppers and mushrooms but the pieces were huge and we had to attack them with our chopsticks to downsize them into bite-size pieces.

Big ass tempura.

My dish arrived about 10 minutes after everyone else’s (not a major taboo but I wasn’t super stoked). With my sashimi craving — as always — I tried the Iginla Combo ($17.95) with two pieces each of red tuna, toro and salmon sushi with dynamite roll. The fish was nice and tender but the dynamite roll was sliced quite thin and the flavour just wasn’t up to par of the dynamite rolls one can find at Shibuya or Hana.

Globefish Sushi & Izakaya

#0130 6455 Macleod Trail SW


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