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Clive Burger: Tasty burgers but where’s the onion rings?


Despite its many bars, pubs, restaurants, eateries, cafes and other attractions, 17th Avenue is still lacking in a few areas.

The movie nerd in me would still love to see a repertory or indie theatre on the strip – especially with the closure of The Uptown and Pete Harris’ departure from The Plaza – and for a long while, the avenue lacked a decent quick burger option.

Save for The Ship and Anchor’s ever reliable burger (served with fries and plenty of ketchup/HP Sauce on the side. Try it), there wasn’t a good place for a cheap and quick burger fix, unless you wanted to venture further down the street and eat garbage of the fast food chain variety.

So it was with some amount of interest that I visited one of Calgary’s newest burger operations. Dubbed Clive Burger for reasons I don’t really have time enough to look into, the upscale fast food restaurant recently opened at the spot formerly occupied by Wok Box. My interest in the place was apparently shared by many Calgarians, as the place has been all the rage on the Internets, along with a good number of actual human beings milling about the restaurant’s black and white surroundings when the wife and I visited.

Good to Go! Photo by Cody Stuart

Going by the “build it your own way” formula made popular by burger shops like Five Guys and South Street, diners choose their basic burger at Clive (single or double), then choose from a vast array of accoutrements with which to adorn it. Most of what you’d expect to be free is (fried onions!) and the other stuff that you’d expect to pay for isn’t (bacon, cheese, fried egg); but I have to say the selection is quite extensive.

For some odd reason, I chose Clive’s condiment recommendation for their hot dogs (fried onions, sauerkraut, pickle) for my burger. Although it wasn’t bad, I have to say that the wife’s bacon, jalapeno cheeseburger was far tastier.

All in all, the burger – while hardly offering anything revolutionary to the burger milieu – was tasty enough to make me believe that Clive Burger will last longer than the building’s former occupant.

As for the fries, well let’s just say there’s better fry options on 17th. Like McDonalds. Or the Ship. Or anywhere really. Maybe if they had onion rings?! Seriously guys – get onion rings. People like onion rings. People like me.

They also serve beer. So that helps.

Still – onion rings would be nice.

Onion rings.

Clive Burger

736 17th Avenue SW


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