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High River: Mosey on up to the Hitchin’ Post


Growing up in small town Southern Alberta, one often gets to hang out in other small towns visiting friends and family, attending volleyball tournaments ect. I’ve been to High River a time or two but had never stopped in at the very quaint and adorable Hitchin’ Post Drive Thru.

Finding myself in town the other day I had an ‘Ah Ha’ moment and decided to see what the Hitchin’ Post had to offer. The place was bustling with the lunch hour crowd, a grandpa/dad/daughter trio, some workin’ men, a kid on a bike and none other than Wild Rose Party leader Danielle Smith were amongst the customers lining up at the Hitchin’ Posts tiny windows.

With a menu of the usual vintage drive thru fare — milkshakes, burgers, fries, hot dogs ect. — the thing that most caught my attention was how freaking reasonable this place is. The most expensive thing on the menu is the chicken finger dinner for eight bucks.

I chose the mushroom burger ($4), with fries ($2.25) and a small grape soda ($1.75). I’ve mentioned my love of orange soda before but I must say how pleased I am when food establishments bust out of the traditional cola and ginger ale fare.

The burger was decent. It was an on-the-thin-side patty on a lovely fresh bun and as well as mushrooms had some sort of creamy gravy action going on. The sauce was the best part of the burger but I feel like I should of had cheese or bacon as well because the burger/bun ratio weighed too heavily on bun for my liking.

Photo by Kelsey Hipkin

If I’m ever back that way, I do plan on trying one of the milkshakes (I have a weakness for root beer ‘shakes especially) as the Hitchin Post had quite a few to choose from.

Hitchin’ Post Drive Thru

100 12 Ave SE

High River, Alberta


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