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Donair On The Run: Flavour Gods at their finest

While I’ve yet to try out every possible donair in Calgary and area — a task I will indeed accomplish one day — I’ve yet to find a donair that tops Cochrane’s Donair On The Run.

If I’m at work say and a drive west isn’t a possibility, my go-to is definitely Tazza or Village Pita Bakery. However, if I do have the time it’s off to Cochrane I go. The picturesque town is about 20 minutes outside city limits on Highway 1A and while might be more famously known for its ice cream, has a plethora of good eats you should check out.

Donair On The Run — conveniently located on Cochrane’s main drag — is always packed, especially during the lunch hour and especially on school days as it’s a hot spot with the high school crowd. Aside from donairs, the menu includes your choice of pizzas, salads and fries. Out of an impressive list of sauces to go with your meal, the tzatziki, tahini, sweet donair, pizza and Mama’s Special Garlic Sauce are all homemade by, you guessed it, Mama.

Other than once trying the Greek salad (which was fantabulous), my lunch choice is the regular chicken ($6.50) with mushroom, cucumber, banana pepper, pickled turnip and feta (an extra $0.75) with tzatziki and Mama’s garlic sauce. On your choice of a white or whole-wheat pita, the donair is a neatly wrapped little bundle bursting with flavour. The warm chicken merged with the chunks of veggies (no thin, sucky slices here) and generous helping of sauce make for taste-bud-explosion kinda experience.

As for dessert, I highly, highly recommend you try some of the baklava. Also homemade by Mama, the baklava (betlawa in Arab) is melt-in-your-mouth sweet and light and wonderful and I could easily eat my way through an ocean of it. True story.

Donair On The Run

407 First Street SW

Cochrane, AB


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