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Lazy Loaf & Kettle: Soup and sandwich awesomeness, raisin status unknown

Nestled in the heart of the community of Parkdale, the Lazy Loaf & Kettle provides an atmosphere and food reminiscent of both Grandma hugs and home cooking.

Cody and I showed up around noon and the place was abuzz with the lunch crowd. The premise is simple - if you’re there for baked goods, they’re on display in all their tasty wonder. If you want a sandwich, there’s pieces of paper on which you mark ingredients, protein etc. If you want soup, it’s right there on the board. Simple as pie - and they also have pie!

While waiting to take our order I eyeballed the baked goods and had a minor foodgasm. The carrot cake was most persistent in wooing me with its beauty so once at the counter I made my usual inquiry when it comes to baked goods.

"Does it have raisins in it?"

Note: Anyone who knows me, even followers of this blog will know raisins and I have been arch enemies since the dawning of my 30 years on this planet. I’m sorry, I just don’t like them. At all. Ever.

"I don’t know." was the reply I received.¬†

Sure, it was busy but I felt a tidge dismissed. Okay, so she didn’t know. That’s cool, we’re not here on this earth to know everything but I believe we are on this earth to do what we can to be awesome individuals. A “Sorry, I don’t know,” would have been nice. A “Let me run and check,” would have been nicer. I didn’t call her on it just said no thanks to the carrot cake - which looked amazing - and ordered the special of the day.

As soon as our lunch landed on the table my Lazy Loaf experience soared exponentially. Cody and I both ordered the exact same thing. It’s like we’re on some sort of lunar sandwich thread or something. A grilled, Montreal Smoked meat sandwich on sourdough sesame bread including onions, pickles, banana peppers and mayonnaise with tomato spinach soup.

The sandwich was delightful. There was plenty o’ meat and cheese which was awesomesauce and nicely balanced by their fellow condiments. I love, love, love banana peppers and while I’ve never had a hot pickle that wasn’t deep fried, I found the ones on this sandwich to be mighty tasty, adding extra texture and zip.

That being said, the soup was definitely the star of this meal. So homemade, so wonderful, so fresh. Huge chunks of tomato and tender leaflets of spinach. I actually wish I had a bowl this very moment.

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