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Naina’s Kitchen … feels like home.

Where Blackfoot Trail and Ogden Road intersect, tucked in beside Mug Shotz Sports Bar & Grill is the hidden gem known as Naina’s Kitchen.

Cody had heard of Naina’s through one of his foodie radar streams but — considering he was out of town when I made my trek on Friday — was, as they say, s••• outta luck.

Run by a mother-daughter team, the exchanges emanating from the kitchen scream “family” to a T. Whether you eat in, or go for take out at Naina’s, one can’t help but feel as if they’re not in a roadside restaurant but in mom’s own kitchen. There’s Italian cookbooks, porcelain dishware, photos of kidlets on the walls, kidlets toodling around, and simple, yet comfortable furnishings in the dining area.

With a menu ranging from breakfast to salads to grilled cheese to burgers, I was at Naina’s for one thing and one thing only. A stuffed burger.

One can order any number of things to stuff a burger with. Stuffed burgers with one item sell for $12.50 (fries or salad included) and if you’re looking to stuff more than one item into your 1/2 pound patty, up the price a buck. Note: They have burger, burgers as well. FYI.

I, of course, wanted more than one item and had a burger stuffed with cheddar, bacon, mushrooms and jalapenos, the result - a burger roughly the size of the average human head, yet able to comfortably nestle into both hands for eating.

Two words. Yum. Yum.

The beef was tender and deliciously flavoured and having “toppings” conveniently “stuffed” made for a tidier burger experience (burgers come with lettuce, ketchup, mayo and mustard as well). The jalapenos were fresh so added a lovely element of kick.

The fries weren’t necessarily anything to write home about but that could be due to the fact they got to ride in a Styrofoam container from point A to point B and that doesn’t always bode well for crispiness.

I will definitely be checking out Naina’s again - either to change up my stuffed burger combo or to check out one of their many grilled cheese offerings — I’m lookin’ at you buffalo chicken grilled cheese.

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