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Los Chilitos: Big on flavour … and price

Note: I wouldn’t exactly call myself frugal. It’s not exactly like I have a death grip on the ol’ purse strings, but I am a lady who likes a lot of bang for her buck. That being said, I’ll also dish out more dough for a darn tasty meal, just not very often.

The other day James, Katie and I decided to try out the Mexican fare at Los Chilitos on 17th Avenue. Located in an adorable old home, Los Chilitos is warm and inviting and feels like you’re in the middle of Mexico (even on a snowy March day).

We started with the Ceviche ($10) with cod fish, onion, cilantro, jalapeno and tomato served with crispy tortillas. The tortillas were lovely and fresh, as was the ceviche — though the onions definitely made their presence known, which is a good thing for onion fans.

Katie had the Chile Relleno (The online menu prices are a bit less than actual prices and I didn’t take a menu photo for this particular dish but I think it was around $15). A fresh poblano pepper filled with ground beef, beans and other tasty treats sided by tortillas and rice. I tried a bite and it was a spicy flavour explosion (in a good way). Katie’s take on Los Chilitos was she’d go back if craving Mexican, but it was a tidge pricey, so she wouldn’t go too often.

James had the Chilitos tacos - a pretty sweet deal at four tacos for 14 bucks. He too, thought his meal was tasty but a bit on the pricey side. Speaking of tacos, I went for the Fish Tacos ($16). Breaded Basa fish, lettuce, jalapeno mayo, guacamole and salsa on three warm tortillas.

The fish was fresh and lovely, with the batter crisp and not overwhelming. I loved the big hunks of fresh avocado and the corn tortillas were darn tasty. The only problem — because of the dishes presentation — I couldn’t eat my tacos like one usually eats tacos. I don’t mind getting my hands dirty while eating but all the taco stuffing weakened the shells and my tidy little taco went all over the place. Remedied by eating the dish like a big fish taco salad, I cordially finished my dish.

A darn fresh and tasty meal but I’m with Katie as far as saving Los Chilitos for those days I want to open the wallet a little wider for dinner.

P.S In the summer, the patio is a rockin’ spot!

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