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Smokehouse Diner: Fried chicken, you complete me

So, I love fried chicken.

Like if fried chicken had a good job, enjoyed long walks on the beach and had no reservations about chasing a giant burger with a Fat Elvis milkshake we’d more than likely get married.

Always on the lookout for new places to get me some fried chicken, my co-worker insisted I try out the Smokehouse Diner on Ogden Road. Sweet baby platypuses it was wonderful (I’ve yet to actually determine which I like better, Smokehouse or Chicken on the Way…will require several more eating tests).

Firstly, the chicken…

The batter wasn’t too thick, the meat maintained its juiciness (though not so much in the breast) and for all things good and holy, the crunch people, the crunch! I could eat this fried chicken ‘til the cows come home and with the variety of portion sizes on the menu, could have the opportunity (Two pieces start at $4.95 — you can get as many as 40). I had the spicy fried and it has a very pleasant kick to it MMMM. Seriously.

And then there were the fries…

I love them, I really love them. I’m not really a fan of thick cut fries but for some reason when there’s wedges involved, I am all up in their potatoey grills. These fries had good crunch on the outside and beautiful tender flavour on the inside.

I really can’t say enough about how awesome I thought this place was and its become a bit of a Thursday regular at the workplace. If you love fried chicken as much as I do — even if you like fried chicken half as much as I do, check it out.

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