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Silver Dragon a Golden Experience

Sometimes when you think you’re headed out to eat one thing but end up eating another can be a bad thing. More often than not, if you’re an adventurous, easy going soul, this can be a very good thing.

I’ve yet to sample Dim Sum though I’ve heard plenty of good things about it. Katie and I decided we’d like to sample some of the Dim Sum in Chinatown’s Silver Dragon restaurant so we made a reservation and off we went — only to discover when we showed up around 7:30 p.m. Dim Sum is a lunch time fare.

Onward and upward kids, onward and upward. Silver Dragon is the kind of decadent, vintage looking place you might expect to see in an ’80s action film starring Chuck Norris or Dolph Lundgren — in other words, it was fantastic.

Even more fantastic was the staff. We were amicably greeted and I had my chair pulled out for me. Water was poured immediately and throughout the evening our servers were very attentive without being overbearing.

We started with a spring roll ($2.25) and a cup of hot and sour soup ($3.75). The spring rolls were delightfully hot and the wraps crispy as all get out. I am a bit of a hot and sour fiend so mowed mine right down. Being it was Katie’s first go at the spicy soup, she wasn’t super keen on the texture which was a little gelatinous for her liking but thought it was tasty nonetheless!

For our main we tried the curry seafood hot pot ($18.95) with a side of steamed rice ($4). Now let me tell you, let me tell you for reals, this piping hot … pot was tres delicious with veggies and mushrooms and shrimp and squid but the star of the dish was the scallops.

My scallop experiences in the past have usually been pretty disappointing.The little chunks of ocean meat were a little drab, sometimes spiked if wrapped in bacon but definitely not living up to my expectations. These bad boys however were fan-freaking-tastic. This was my first seafood curry so I will be holding all others against it and it will be tricky to beat. Katie agreed the curry was “very yummy” and said while it wasn’t the est green curry she’s had, the hot pot was perfect for sharing.

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